Life After:

Award Winning Short Script (drama), Maggie must take responsibility for the choices she's made which ended with horrific consequences before she can move on to her life, after.  Currently seeking Executive Producers for this project.

The Study of Happiness:

Feature Film (drama) Andrew, a 17 year-old boy, is already dealing with the fact that his mother is dying of cancer, but today, the school bully has taken Andrew's rumors of being gay, too far. Andrew has to stop denying the emotional pain in order to find his true happiness. Currently seeking Executive Producers for this project.

Plain Jen:

Feature Film (action/comedy)  Jen is a simple, geeky, girl from the midwest who came to Los Angeles for excitement and adventure. The same day her fashionista cousin, Crystal, does a head to toes makeover, Jen finds herself in the middle of a world wide money laundering scheme. The only reason she's still living is because of her photographic memory and the protection from CIA, Matthew Smith. Their investigation leads them to China in order to bring down well known mobster, Jack Accardo. Check out the short film based on the feature!

Her Wedding Day:

Feature Film (comedy) Every woman dreams of her wedding day and when it comes to a control freak bride, all the groomsmen are going their best to keep the bridezilla at bay and hide the dead body of their wedding planner. What they don't know is that the bride is keeping her own secret. Shot in entirely in one location.


Feature Film (thriller) Dominique, an 8 year old girl, discovers that she is a grim reaper and needs the help of Nurse, Lynn, who she mistakenly tried to 'take to the other side', to get her back home. Lynn is now able to see who's going to die next and see if they will be going to heaven or hell. Her father's sins come to light as his days are numbered and Lynn tries to save him before he's taken.

Spy for Love:

Pilot (dramedy) In their ambition to catch a serial killer, MI-5 agents Ann and Carolyn, almost get the Prime Minister's daughter killed, getting them both suspended from the bureau. Unable to let the case go, they open an online dating company to try to catch the killer before he strikes again and without MI-5 catching on.









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